Kingdom Breweries Dark Lager


Kingdom Pilsener

ABV 5.0% IBU: 22 - 25

Light, golden coloured lager brewed and matured as a real, traditional Pilsener using European malt and hops with a long, slow fermentation and cold maturation to allow flavours to develop. Reasonably full bodied with a crisp finish, well balanced bitterness and continental hop flavour. Citrus fruits and Saaz are evident on aroma.

Kingdom Breweries IPA


Kingdom IPA

ABV 5.0% IBU: 48 - 55

A Dark, deep amber coloured beer brewed using European malts and hops. It has distinct malty tones and just a hint of caramel from the dark malts we use. A very smooth tasting beer with a moderate, well balanced bitterness.

Kingdom Mango IPS


Kingdom Mango IPA

ABV 5.0% IBU: 22 - 25

A fine full bodied, deep golden beer brewed using European malt and the finest USA flavour and aroma hops. A distinct bitterness is perfectly balanced by the late addition hop flavour and maltiness. We dry hop this beer with our secret blend of USA hops to give an explosion of tropical fruits: pineapple, passionfruit, citrus and a hint of mango, all of which go to make this West Coast Style IPA an outstanding & very drinkable beer.

Kingdom Breweries White


Kingdom White

ABV 5.0% IBU: 18 - 20

A fine, hazy beer brewed in the Belgian Wit tradition using European malts and hops. Refreshing, light, crisp yet with an underlying sweetness and satisfying body. Distinct spice, fruitiness and even a hint of cloves on the aroma make this the perfect beer for hot climates.